• 06-17-2021
    Yangzi Flooring will attend The International Surface Event 2022(  1st -3rd of Feb. ) in Las Vegas. Our booth No. is 647.  Welcome to visit our booth.
  • 09-07-2021
    FLOORSCORE certification is to test that floor products meet the most stringent indoor air quality indicators and low emission sustainable floor product quality standards, so as to protect our health and ensure a healthy life and fresher air.
  • 09-07-2021
    GREENGUARD is a low release certification for indoor products to ensure that the chemical release of products meets the minimum limit requirements, "GOLD" is the highest level of evaluation.
  • 06-17-2021
    Yangzi Flooring will attend DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2022(  25th -27th of May ) in Shanghai. Our booth No. is 6.2A30.  Welcome to visit our booth.
  • 07-03-2021
    Phthalates test & Reach & CARB & EPA & TSCA VI certificate of Yangzi Flooring
  • 03-12-2021
    Win-Win Cooperation Between Yangzi Corporation and Zeta Floors To Develop the European Market

    Established in 2002, Yangzi Corporation is not only 26 China National Standards Drafting Unit, but also National High and New Technology Enterprise and National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise. Known as a public company, it has a very large production capacity more than 30 million square meters per year. And with its perfect product quality control and certification system, their flooring products are highly welcome in the both domestic and foreign markets.

    Established in 2017, Zeta Floors has set up a very good reputation of its brand in the market as they continue to invest in the product research & development. They not only focus on the technology innovation of floor production but also the introduction of new and popular floor patterns to the market. Since they have a wide product series including the LVT series which Yangzi Group doesn’t have, so by this cooperation, they can enrich the Yangzi’s product series by adding their professional LVT series.

    Based on the same business philosophy and after several rounds of negotiations, the two companies have decided to cooperate to develop the European market and formally signed a contract in March 2021.

    After signing the contract, the two companies will give the best play to everyone's advantages in order to bring high-quality and beautiful flooring products to the European market.

    This is a very good beginning for both companies and of course also for the whole European market! We are looking forward to the mutual success!
  • 07-20-2020
    The jury grants our award only to few master pieces with incredible high design quality . Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder of the Red Dot Award. 
    The result of world famous design award: German Reddot Design Award is announced. Side-lock installation of solid wood flooring that Yangzi sent won Reddot Design Award 2020 from the 6300 works that supplied from more than 60 countries all over the world with outstanding design idea and remarkable innovation.
    In 1955, the most prestigious European Design association: Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen) established the Reddot Award in the German city of Essen. It has a history of nearly 60 years. It is synonymous with outstanding design quality in the design industry, and is also known as the world's three major design awards, together with the German IF Award and the American IDEA Award. It has always been the internationally recognized design award coveted by the global design elite and known as the design "Oscar" .
    Yangzi’s invention patented side-lock installation of solid wood flooring which is a glue and keel free, flat push type and low cost flooring. It is stable, moistureproof, heat resistant, deformation resistant, disassemble conveniently , low loss, recyclable, antibacterial and releases negative oxygen ion continuously that can purify indoor air. Its innovation and application advocates a kind of saving, environmental protection, health and convenient way of living at home, subverting the installation revolution of solid wood flooring.
    Yangzi Flooring, as the first brand in this industry to win Reddot Design Award, marks that product innovation of Yangzi has stepped into a higher level and reached the international quality level. Yangzi has won unanimous recognition at home and abroad.
    In the future, Yangzi Flooring will continue to adhere to the spirit of excellence craftsman, pay attention to the service quality , innovate design concept, promote the prod.
  • 07-11-2020
    As the leading green flooring industry, Yangzi Flooring has been dedicated to the formulation and implementation of forest products industry and contribution to the solution of the environment. We promise: Adopt practices that reduce social and environmental risks. While understanding the impact of our actions, we will take responsible steps to reduce the negative impact.These actions are not a single standard method, but a deliberate research.

    Yangzi Flooring joins the GFTN and will continue to support sustainable forest management and responsible trade in forest products, starting with flooring materials.

    1) Do not purchase timber from forests of high conservation value (e.g. Amazon Biodiversity Conservation Area, Xishuangbanna Nature Conservation Area, other ecological conservation areas) unless the forest has FSC certificate.

    2) Do not purchase (CITES) tree species unless the supplier provides the appropriate permission from the CITES authority to allow the sale.

    3) Do not purchase timber from areas of conflict or disputed forest rights.

    4) Do not purchase forests that are being converted to other uses such as farmland.

    5) Do not purchase transgenic wood.

    6) Constantly increase the proportion of forest products from certified sources and certified sources.

    7) Gradually increase the number of licit and FSC certified timber.