Saint Laurent Teak

  • Category:  Sapphire Surface Engineered Flooring
  • Series:  None
  • Color Code:  YE8305
  • Formaldehyde emission:  E1
  • Size:  925x142x15mm
  • Package:  8pc/box/1.0508sqm 12 kg/box 1120boxes/20GP


(1)The base material is multi-layer plywood, so the floor has excellent dimensional stability of multi-layer solid wood composite floor.

(2)The surface is high-definition decorative paper, so it can imitate various colors and wood grain, or other patterns, reduce the use of precious wood, and at the same time make the floor match the interior decoration style.

(3)The same wear resistance as the laminate floor ensures that the floor can be used in a variety of places.


(1)Wear layer   (2)Decorative layer   (3)Buffer layer

(4)Pine board   (5)Solid wood balance layer


Crystal surface engineered floor VS Solid wood composite floor 

Compare Item

Crystal surface engineered floor

Solid wood composite floor

Surface texture

Keep up with the fashion trend of color and pattern, meet more demand

Natural wood layer leds to limited design style

Buying cost

About 40 dollar/m2

>60 dollar/m2


Alumina wear-resistant revolutions up to 8000 revolutions

Ordinary UV paint wear-resistant.