Installation steps

Solid Wood Flooring

Installation steps of general flooring (laminate, Sapphire, Multiply and SPC).

Step 1: Ground base treatment.

Before laying the floor, it is necessary to ensure that the ground is flat and dry. The leveling rate of the ground needs to reach the standard, and the rough room ground is generally leveled with cement ground. Attention should also be paid to the water content of the ground. If the water content is too high, moisture-proof treatment should be done.

Step 2: Lay the floor mat.

The function of floor mat is moistureproof and mute. Before laying the floor, it is necessary to put a layer of floor mat on the ground. Generally, the whole laying ground shall be paved flat without overlapping, and the joints shall be tightly bonded with adhesive tape. Damp ground and geothermal environment shall be paved with damp proof membrane under the ground mat. The width of the joint shall be overlapped by more than 200 mm and tightly bonded with adhesive tape. The wall corner shall be turned up at the same height as the skirting line.

Step 3: Install the floor.

Now, the edge of the floor is generally a lock structure with mortise and tenon. When installing such a structure, it is better to ensure that the two splices are close, instead of using floor glue to connect the floor.

Step 4: Install skirting.

The position of skirting line shall be reserved between the floor and the wall, and small wooden block shall be used to clamp it in the middle. After installing the floor, you can remove the small wooden block and install the skirting line. Generally, the skirting line is stuck into the reserved seam and then nailed with special nails.