The surface of decking is weathered under influence of wind, rain, frost and sunshine (UV). As a result, the surface turns grey, dirty and cracks/ splinters will appear. WoodCare Denmark has developed different outdoor cleaning- and maintenance products. WOCA Exterior Cleaner loosens dirt and removes green growth from the surface, without damaging it.


•Soak outdoor woven bamboo decking with plenty of water. If possible use a garden hose. Do not use high-pressure cleaners.

•Mix exterior cleaner with water in the ratio 1:2 and apply it. If the decking is extremely dirty, exterior cleaner may be used undiluted. Clean the decking with a silicium carbid brush or machine disk (see accessories). Scrub the soaked material lengthwise following the bamboo grain until the material appears clean. If the decking has a flat surface, first scrub under an angle of 45 degrees before scrubbing in the length direction. When using a machine disk this is not necessary. Repeat the cleaning if necessary. Clean the surface carefully with water.

•Leave outdoor woven bamboo decking to dry for approx. 24 hours. The material must be completely dry before oil treatment can be done.


•Apply in dry weather only. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.

•Stir the oil thoroughly before use. Apply an even thin coat of oil with a brush.

•The oil is cream-coloured when it is wet.

•After a few minutes, the material has an oily appearance as the water is evaporating.

•Wipe off any excess oil with clean cotton cloths after no more than 5-10 minutes.

•Take particular care to remove excess oil from joints and grooves.

•Repeat the above process.

•When the material is dry, it may be polished with a polishing pad or polishing machine to ensure an extra hard-wearing surface. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the oil to harden thoroughly, depending on weather conditions and outdoor temperature. The material should not be exposed to water during this period.

Maintenance of flat side

•Please be aware of the fact that on the flat surface, irregularities in the

•surface (e.g. cracks, splinters) are more visible than on the reeded surface. If regular maintenance with a waterbased decking oil is performed, this will be reduced.


•Due to the risk of self-ignition it is important that oil-wetted cloths are

•soaked in water and are disposed in a tightly closed container after use.



Yangzi warrants to the original Purchaser that outdoor woven bamboo decking products will not suffer structural damage due to rot, decay or insect infestation for a period of 25 years from the date of the original purchase (the “Warranty Period”).

This limited warranty covers any defect in material under normal use during the Warranty Period. If a defect occurs within the Warranty Period, Purchaser shall notify Yangzi, and, upon confirmation by an authorized Yangzi representative of the defect, Yangzi’s sole responsibility shall be, at its option, to either supply to the Purchaser sufficient material to replace the defective items or refund the portion of the purchase price paid by Purchaser for such defective items. Yangzi shall not be liable for labor, installation, removal or reinstallation costs or for any indirect, punitive, exemplary of consequential damages of any kind whatsoever.


•Any act of God (such as flooding, hurricane, earthquake, lightning, etc.).

•Accident, misuse, or abuse.

•Environmental conditions such as air pollution, mold, mildew, etc., or staining from foreign substances such as dirt, grease, oil, etc. Please note: Should dusts and pollens build up on the product, these become a food source for molds and mildew to grow in and their waste products will stain the outdoor woven bamboo decking. Please keep your product clean as Yangzi does not warrant against these types of staining and degrade. Mold and mildew will not grow in/ on outdoor woven bamboo decking itself but will in/on the dusts/ pollens.

•Normal weathering, defined as exposure to sunlight, weather and atmosphere that can cause color change, checking, grain raise/splintering, cupping and other forms of dimensional movement within generally accepted industry standards for wood. To avoid color change and extensive weathering, you must periodically apply penetrating oil or synthetic finish as recommended by that product.

•Variations in color/grain of outdoor woven bamboo decking products.

•Variations and fading over time, or wear from foot traffic, of stain colors and finishes used on outdoor woven bamboo decking all of which require periodic recoating in order to maintain.

•Ordinary wear and tear.

•Damage that was caused by third parties (i.e. transport damage).

•Damage to outdoor woven bamboo decking resulting from improper installation, including but not limited to:

•Improper spacing between decking boards.

•Use of outdoor woven bamboo decking products beyond normal use and service conditions, or in an application not recommended.

•Movement, distortion, collapse or settling of the ground or the supporting structure on which outdoor woven bamboo decking products are installed.

•Improper use of sealants, stains, paints or varnishes not recommended by Yangzi.

•Improper handling, storage, abuse or neglect of outdoor woven bamboo decking products by Purchaser, the transferee or third parties including but not limited to denting, staining, gouging, burning and staining.

•Ground contact or submersed applications of outdoor woven bamboo decking.