High Frequency Carbonized

  • Category:  Outdoor Strand Woven Bamboo Decking
  • Series:  None
  • Color Code:  YZWB0901
  • Size:  1860*140*18mm
  • Package: 


(1) Fresh and elegant appearance, natural color, smooth surface, obvious grain.

(2) Density up to 1200kg/m³,hard texture, high strength, shock resistance, excellent toughness, wear resistance, etc.

(3) High temperature drying and pressing, waterproof, deformation resistance, moth proof, anti-corrosive, thickness expansion rate of water absorption is 0.4% in 24 hours.

(4) Using recyclable bamboo as raw material, high utilization rate, over 90%.

(5) Sustainable production, free formaldehyde emission, lower than 0.35ml/L.


Woven Bamboo Decking VS Anti-corrosive Wood

Comparative Item

Woven Bamboo Decking

Anti-corrosive wood


Environmental Protect

Fast growth Cycle,3-5 yeasrs; no damage to the environment while large-scare use

Slow growth cycle, 20-50 years,

huge damage to the environment while large-scale use


Physical Property

High density, hard texture, wear and scratch resistant, excellent dimensional stability.

Absorb water, swell and shrink easily while the environment change.



Processing Technology

Remove parasites and other fungi from bamboo by fumigation and carbonization process, the sugar and nutrients removed to avoid damage by mildew and insects.


Add chemical preservatives to avoid damage by mildew and inspects, harmful to the environment and human health.