• 07-11-2020
    As the leading green flooring industry, Yangzi Flooring has been dedicated to the formulation and implementation of forest products industry and contribution to the solution of the environment. We promise: Adopt practices that reduce social and environmental risks. While understanding the impact of our actions, we will take responsible steps to reduce the negative impact.These actions are not a single standard method, but a deliberate research.

    Yangzi Flooring joins the GFTN and will continue to support sustainable forest management and responsible trade in forest products, starting with flooring materials.

    1) Do not purchase timber from forests of high conservation value (e.g. Amazon Biodiversity Conservation Area, Xishuangbanna Nature Conservation Area, other ecological conservation areas) unless the forest has FSC certificate.

    2) Do not purchase (CITES) tree species unless the supplier provides the appropriate permission from the CITES authority to allow the sale.

    3) Do not purchase timber from areas of conflict or disputed forest rights.

    4) Do not purchase forests that are being converted to other uses such as farmland.

    5) Do not purchase transgenic wood.

    6) Constantly increase the proportion of forest products from certified sources and certified sources.

    7) Gradually increase the number of licit and FSC certified timber.